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Our Philosophy is to empower the youth with a holistic approach to life through the combination of Tennis & Education. We are convinced that our students who are striving for greatness on and off the court will have a strong impact on the future.


MATCH Play & Stay

High Performance Training

The goal of the MATCH Play and Stay program is to identify talent and train talented children accomplish their dreams in tennis. While there is a strong focus on individual practices and competition, education is the backbone of the program. In order to participate in practice and at tournaments, the student-athletes need to meet our grade expectations in school. So far, we have 1 student-athletes.

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MATCH Mentorship

Maso Patsogolo Project

"Maso Patsogolo" means "looking ahead". In this program, we go out to schools to mentor young people on ways of realizing their self-worth, achieving high levels of self-efficacy as well as training them about setting life goals. It is all about mindset change so that Malawian youths become self-reliable and entrepreneurs. The program runs in schools as well as through on court mentorship.


MATCH Queens

Keep Girls In School

Girls in Malawi experienced a whole lot of challenges. The goal of the MATCH Queens' program is to empower girls to overcome the inequalities they are facing by putting special attention to strengthening their confidence and to give them guidance in their way to become leaders. Our flagship activities for this program are the sanitary pad project and girls leadership camps.


Tiphunzire MATCH

After School Programs

"Tiphunzire" stands for "We are learning". In this program, the focus is on building a strong community, teaching our core values to our student-athletes and to empower the youth in various life lessons in order to pursue a healthy, sustainable, and prosperous life. This program includes digital skills training, after-school literacy training, as well as technical skills through arts and craft lessons.

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 MATCH Voices

Voices Against Violence

This program gives a chance for both young girls and boys to explore the areas of fighting against violence, violence against boys/girls. It is also commemorated during the 16 Days of Activism. The foundation empowers young people through rigorous training on human rights and ways of reporting violence without fear. This is one way we contribute to the elimination of violence against girls and women.

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